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Our Story | We're Debt Free!

    Posted Jan 31st, 2017  


    THE VISION started five years before when I, along with the pastoral team and the board of deacons, sensed very definitely that the Lord was calling us to take heroic and costly steps of faith to eliminate our corporate debt. We then engaged you, the congregation, in the vision, and began to dream what it would be like if the Lord helped to us accomplish the task before us. And we set out to do just that—we prayed, we fasted, we dreamed, we pledged, we gave, and held off on things we wanted to do, and even needed to do, in order to repurpose our resources to eliminate our mortgage payments. We did this all under the banner of unleashing debt dollars to missional advancement. 

    AND WE DID IT! We paid off $2.4 million in debt. With God’s help, diligent leadership and congregational faithfulness, we moved from vision to victory, and now, WE’RE DEBT FREE!

    Now along the way, we were reminded that the victory, in this case, being debt free, was not the destination, it was the staging ground for greater vision and greater victory than ever before. So with this incredible testimony behind us, we press on to take hold of new victories that God has destined PCC to achieve. 

    Friends, welcome to the new journey from vision to victory. I can’t wait, and I’m glad I am making the journey with you! For more information on our coming vision click here.