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Take A Trip With Us To Israel

    Posted Oct 1st, 2017  

    Dear Traveller,

    One of the highlights of my walk with Christ and my growth as a student of God’s Word has been the pilgrimage Linda and I made years ago to the Holy Land. To be on the Sea of Galilee, to walk the streets of Jerusalem, to take in the stunning view of the Valley of Megiddo, to traverse the Judean wilderness and to see the many other breathtaking sites where Scripture was actually lived out has deepened my love for Jesus and my understanding of the Bible like nothing else.

    I have a sense that your experience of the Holy Land would be no less than mine: a defining experience in your spiritual journey. That is why I hope you will invest in the Holy Land Pilgrimage that Linda and I will be leading in March of 2018. Take a moment to read through the attached flier.

    The reservation list will fill up quickly, and there are only so many spots, so don’t delay. Linda and I would love to have you join us. By simply filling out the form and emailing it into Madison Tours and Travel, Inc. with the deposit and your reservation will be secured.

    And don’t hesitate to contact my Executive Assistant, Sheryl Landis at should you have any questions.

    Once you have sent in your reservation please email Sheryl to be added to the confirmed list.

    Next year in Jerusalem!

    Pastor Ray Noah
    Lead Pastor
    Portland Christian Center


    Click here to download the Holy Land PDF