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Brass Instructor | Debbie Schmugar



Debbie Schmugar's professional music career spans three decades including both instrumental and vocal performance in a variety of musical styles; conducting groups and teaching woodwind, brass and percussion lessons to various ages and ability levels; and being a member and/or leader of church worship teams and orchestras.  She received a Bachelor Degree in Music Education, followed 10 years later by a Master of Music in Jazz Pedagogy, both from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

Additionally, Debbie has experience as a classroom teacher and trainer; and as well taught music education in public and private schools - elementary through college - for 16 years.

Currently Debbie is a member of the Cedar Mill Bible Church Worship Team and enjoys performing with local bands, orchestras and small groups in the Portland area.

You can contact Debbie at for more information regarding lessons.