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Main Gathering: Charisma Decoded

Every Wednesday, from 01/10/2018 to 03/21/2018, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Coordinator: Joel Slater


Class Details

  • Days: Wednesdays
  • Date: Jan 10 - Mar 21
  • Time: 7:00 - 8:30 PM
  • Where: Chapel
  • Cost: Freewill offering will be taken to offset costs
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Finding Meaning and Fulfillment Through Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts

The Greek word “charisma” means a divinely given favor which someone receives without any merit of their own. Join us for this in-depth look at spiritual gifts, their relationship to the will of God, how gifts interact with other gifts, how gifts relate to leadership, and how to minimize conflict by appreciating the strengths and weaknesses of each gift. When Christians find their gifts, know the significance of their gifts, and properly exercise their gifts, they WILL grow! As people grow (internal growth), then the church will grow (external growth).

Week 1: What IS A Spiritual Gift & Eight Reasons Why Every Christian Should Know Theirs

Week 2: Spiritual Gifts And Their Relationship to God’s Will

Week 3: Spiritual Gifts and Their Relationship to the Believer

Week 4: TEAM Ministry

Week 5: The Gift of Evangelism and It’s Relationship to Evangelism

Week 6: Abusing The Gifts (How NOT To)

Week 7: How To Discover YOUR Spiritual Gift

Week 8: Digging Deeper- Witnessing Styles Associated With Different Spiritual Gifts

Week 9: Digging Deeper- The Enabling Gifts

Week 10: Digging Deeper: Spiritual Gifts and The Trinity

Week 11: Digging Deeper: Spiritual Gifts and Their Relationship To Leadership 

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GRAPHIC : PHOTO : Joel & Amy SlaterInstructor(s) Info

PASTOR JOEL serves as the Congregational Life pastor at Portland Christian Center. An ordained minister, Joel has served in various roles ranging from children to youth to adult ministries for the last 14 years, 8 of those at Portland Christian Center.