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Japanese Fellowship Church

We are a new Japanese Speaking Church in Portland, Oregon

Japanese Pastor:
Pastor Hiro Noda

Pastor Hiro Noda prepares a Biblically-based, easy to understand message. His focus is helping lead people into a better understanding of the Scriptures and how our daily lives can receive guidance and comfort from God’s Word. Together we are learning to experience the love and grace of God as we read the Japanese Bible and worship the Lord through Japanese Gospel music on a weekly basis.

Experiencing the love and grace of God in Japanese!

  • 9:00 AM — Bible Study and Prayer
  • 10:30 AM — Sunday Services

Location: Portland Christian Center Campus in Portland, Oregon
Pastor Hiro Noda [ ]

Join Pastor Hiro Noda and the Japanese Fellowship Church at Portland Christian Center for an all-Japanese worship service! Japanese Fellowship Church welcomes anyone who knows Japanese or is interested in a Japanese worship and Bible experience. 

For First Time Visitors:

Remember: “Church is for everyone because God loves everyone.”

Even though you may have never read the Bible or been to church, don’t worry. You are always welcomed! Please come and join us as we experience the amazing love God has for us through Jesus Christ!

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Upcoming Events

Japanese Women's Conference


For Children and Youth:

Our children and youth integrate into our services and are also welcome at any of the excellent ministries at Portland Christian Center.