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Parenting the Love and Logic Way

The family is under enormous pressure today and more and more parents say they are struggling with the skills necessary to provide the family life they desire. That is why Portland Christian Center is very intentional about providing learning and coaching experiences in practical marriage and family skills.

We Have Parenting Classes All Year Long

Portland Christian Center offers three parenting classes each year, taught by our certified Love and Logic instructors. We teach easy to use parenting skills utilizing Love & Logic strategies. Our classes meet weekly and are extremely affordable for couples, single parents, grandparents, and caregivers to attend. Each Wednesday, we meet in a comfortable classroom in Portland, Oregon. We provide complementary hot beverages. Expect a fun time with other parents! For more information about our classes please contact

Three Great Classes with Love and Logic:

Don't Forget the Kids!

We have kids programs happening at the same time our parenting classes are in session. We have something for every age kid! There is no fee to attend our Wednesday night nursery or kids clubs.

More Info About Kids Activities

Why Love and Logic Parenting

Helping Parents since 1977

Love and Logic is a unique parenting strategy based on a lifetime of work by Jim Fay, PhD and Foster W. Cline, M.D. Together they have amassed 75 years of parenting research that are used daily by leading teachers, parents, and couselors. Their philosophy is simple, stating that happy adults are grown out of responsible children. In order to help our child learn responsiblity there are two things we must do: 

  1. Lock in our Empathy, Love and Understanding

    Dad: "Oh, no. You left your bike unlocked and it was stolen. What a bummer. I bet you feel awful. Well, I understand how easy it is to make a mistake like that." (Notice that the parent is not leading with anger, intimidation, or threats.)

  2. Secondly, helping our children understand the consequences of their actions.

    Dad then adds, "And you'll have another bike as soon as you can earn enough money to pay for it. I paid for the first one. You can pay for the additional ones."

    Love and Logic parents know that no child is going to accept this without an argument, but Love and Logic parents can handle arguments. Jim Fay advises "just go brain dead." This means that parents don't try to argue or match wits with the child. They simply repeat, as many times as necessary, "I love you too much to argue." No matter what argument the child uses, the parent responds "I love you too much to argue." Parents who learn how to use these techniques completely change, for the better, their relationships with kids and take control of the home in loving ways. (Except taken from


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