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Lead a Community Life Group

How can I lead a group?

We are here to serve and we can help equip you to be a Leader, Co-leader, or host. You don’t have to have any experience, but you will want to go through our small group training. To make sure you’re in the right place, we’ll meet with you to discuss your best fit!  Please contact Linda Noah, Pastor of Spritual Formation if you are interested in leading or starting a group.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Prayer is the first step - asking God to lead you, directing your steps. Register for the next coummunity group life training and go ahead and set up an interview with Pastor Linda Noah’s office.

Do I need a co-leader and where do I get one?

You need someone in your group to assist you in leadership. You may begin with a designated leader, or you may determine to designate after your group meets for a few weeks. It’s a critical step in your group de-centralizing and also setting the stage for the formation of a new group.

As I lead my group where can I get help and support?

You may also contact Spiritual Formations Pastor, Linda Noah, by email or at 503-245-7735

When does my group begin and end?

It works best to set a clear beginning and a clear ending before the group experience begins. This allows for an enthusiastic beginning and at the end, a “graceful” exit for those leaving. Groups tend to work best in 6-8 week cycles. Once a study or series ends, at that point, its a natural process then to add, subtract or divide, for the purpose of multiplication.

How do I get the necessary materials I need?

There are options. The group leader may chose to order the materials for the group, and handle the collection and disbursement. The most popular and easiest is to ask the folks in the group to pick up their own material.   Link on recommended curriculum to get curriculum ideas.

Where should my group meet?

Preferably, your group should meet in a host’s home or the leader’s home.  If that option is not a good one, consider meeting out in the community at a place that is convenient, safe, and welcoming. Some restaurants, bookstores or coffee shops are private and quite enough to provide an environment that works well for groups. If you are going to be there for an extended time, you may want to speak to a staff person to make sure it is okay with your group being.

Does my group need a specific focus or purpose?

Not all groups share the same purpose or practices. As The Spirit leads, different types of groups will emerge, establishing themselves around different primary objectives. A healthy group is one where all members understand and embrace the group's purpose.

The Group Purpose is articulated and understood from the group's beginning, so everyone in the group has a clear understanding as to the group's focus and reason for meeting.  The group leader, lead by the Holy Spirit, should walk the group through an explanation of the groups purpose statement, reassuring everyone of the group's objective.

Does your group need a purpose? Like your boat needs an anchor! The anchor is not meant to keep your group from moving forward, but to keep your group from drifting off course. The group purpose should be well defined, and it will serve you well as your group grows and matures.

Does my group need a group guidelines or agreement?

Most groups find it helpful to establish a group agreement among it's members to clarify and communicate the mutually held values and guidelines of the group. This can be done early on in the life a small group, so that from the beginning those attending are aware of the expressed expectations of the group. For example, the following values and statements may be helpful in setting some boundaries for the group.

  • Confidentiality — What is shared in the group meetings should not be shared outside of the group.
  • Respect — While others are sharing, bless them by listening and not talking or interrupting. If there are differences, show the love of Christ to each other.
  • Honor — Honor your group by being on time for meetings. Honor your host homes by ending on time!

Is childcare provided for my group?

If a group meets on site during regularly scheduled event, childcare is provided.  However, if groups meet in homes, each group manages their own childcare.