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  • Days: Sundays
  • Date: APR 6 - JUN 15
  • Time: 9:00 - 10:30 AM
  • Where: Gymnasium
  • Cost: Free

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Upcoming Series:
Running With the Giants

By John Maxwell

Sundays, April 6 — June, 15  |  9:00 AM — 10:30 AM 

Running With the Giants: What the Old Testament Heroes Want You to Know About Life and Leadership


In the race of life - a contest of stamina, endurance, faith, and understanding - we are never alone. Others have run it before us. In John C. Maxwell's vision of humanity, they are in the stands, urging us one, praying for us, and offering the wisdom of their experience. We need only listen for their voices and hear their stories to turn our modern-day challenges into victories.

  • A man named Noah knows how great a difference a single individual can make in the world. His hope for us: "Don't be afraid to do something for the first time."
  • A woman named Esther takes the ultimate risk and stands up for her people. She prays to God to help us look beyond adveristy: "Empower them to fulfill the purpose for which You have called them."
  • A boy named Joseph knows the race of life never goes according to plan. He urges us on: "When the dream is realized, it is sweeter than you can ever imagine."

From Rebekah to David, Abraham to Moses, Running With the Giants puts us face-to-face with the towering figures of the Bible. From these great heroes and from the inimitable John C. Maxwell - comes the inspiration to live as they did: as leaders, as success stories, and as people close to God.





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