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  • Days: Sundays
  • Date: Ongoing
  • Time: 9:00 - 10:15 AM
  • Where: Gymnasium
  • Cost: Free

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New Series Begins Sunday, April 23

Distinct: Living Above the Norm

Stand up. Stand out. Stand apart.

If we’re really honest, most of us would admit we want to fit in. Ever since we were kids, we wanted to like the right music, wear the right clothes, and use the right technology. But as disciples of Jesus, we were made to be different; made to live in such a way that it’s clear we aren’t bandwagon crowd-followers; we’re followers of Christ.

Distinct: Living Above the Norm is based on the first portion of the Sermon on the Mount. In His most famous sermon, Jesus helped His followers – both then and now – see just how different God made us to be. From our character to our relationships to the way we love other people, we were made to stand apart from the crowd. Just as it was for those who heard the Sermon on the Mount for the first time, every day our lives are filled with opportunities for us to compromise and blend in with the norm. Or to be distinct.

Class hosted by Glen and Ann Slayter.

All ages are welcomed.  There is no charge for this class, but offerings will be taken. 

If you have any questions regarding this class or Life Learning opportunities, please email   for more information.

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