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Become a SHAPE Coach

Are You Interested in Helping Others Grow?

What can I expect to learn from BECOMING A SHAPE DEVELOPMENT COACH?

Each SHAPE coach will learn a simple process they will use to help others process through their SHAPE journey.  They will know their job is not to give advice, but to ask good questions and to listen.  They will also learn how to pray with those they are coaching – as the Holy Spirit will do the work to answer any questions the person has about their SHAPE.

The coaching model is very simple.  The SHAPE coaching program is really about doing with those who enroll, what we expect you to do with others.  Each session will follow a general format as follows:

  • Open with simple relationship building and sharing process (parallels the greeting, connecting in a coaching session)
  • Brief review of the SHAPE content of the session, S.H.A.P.E.
  • The Coaching Process – introduction or review
  • Application of the coaching process personally (use the model to coach yourself)
  • Paired sharing – practice sharing with a partner (mock coaching process)
  • Group report outs
  • Instructions for the week and homework assignment

The program will be fast paced in the evening, and the bulk of the work will be homework during the week.  Each person will be assigned a coach partner the 2nd or 3rd week… so you will work in teams supporting each other.

What are the requirements to becoming a SHAPE DEVELOPMENT COACH?

  1. There are not any special qualifications to become a SHAPE coach other than you want to go deeper in SHAPE personally, and you would like to help others do the same.  (It begins with you) 
  2. To be a SHAPE coach you must agree to the following:
    • To attend the SHAPE coach development sessions
    • To be willing to serve others in the shape program over the phone or in person, to help them in their SHAPE journey
    • To allow GOD to work through you and your SHAPE to help others discover their SHAPE
    • To be coachable and to be coached yourself in this process. SHAPE coaches don’t have to be smarter, more spiritual, or more experienced in SHAPE, they just have to be willing and available

What are the promises of the SHAPE coaching program?

  1. You will have access to the SHAPE coaching team, for your own personal coaching
  2. You will have the experience of your own SHAPE in a deeper and more meaningful way, as a result of engaging with others in their SHAPE
  3. You will discover what it means to serve others at a very personal level, both in their faith and in their lives in service.

What is the training schedule?

  • Week 1: Owning your Spiritual Gifts
  • Week 2: Getting in touch with your Heart
  • Week 3: Clarifying your Personal Design 1 - Abilities / Personality)  
  • Week 4: Clarifying your Personal Design 2 - Abilities / Personality)  
  • Week 5: Your Experience and Others) 
  • Week 6: Coaching Availability Begins - Coaching Review Session 
  • Week 7: Coaching Availability  - Possible Coaching Review