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High School Parents

“It is our deep desire as high school pastors to see students realize their full potential in a relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that our duty as student pastors is to partner with parents as they strive to disciple their children the way God has called them to.

We, along with our team of capable, qualified adult volunteers, work hard to create a healthy, Godly community of friends and mentors in which students can thrive and find truthful encouragement as they walk through this important season of their lives. We know that God has great things in store for every young person who will put their life in His hands, and we are here to help students and parents in any way we can as they seek to do just that."


We utilize a few different methods of communicaton to ensure we are keeping both parents and students informed about everything happening in High School Minstries.


Information about events and weekly happenings all get posted to our High School Ministry  Facebook Page. Click here to check it out! Become a fan of High School Ministry if you would like to receive our periodic updates via your personal Facebook account.


We send out email messages to students and parents when we want them to know about meetings or other important news and events. If you are not currently receiving our email updates and would like to, please contact Harrison Mitchell and ask to be added to our email update list by clicking .

Contact us any time! We love to keep in touch with the parents of our High School students!

Tom Cox

High School Youth Pastor | | Phone: 503-245-7735 x360