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Discover HILLTOP Enrichment Programs

Offering Soccer Shots, Dance, Language, Music, After School Kids, Kidz Klub, and Lunch Bunch all year long!

Hilltop Preschool and Kindergarten offers a large variety of enrichment experiences to enhance your child's education and explore an athletic, artistic, musical, or academic potential. These programs are filled with fun and allow individual success for each child. Parents are always welcome.

List of Programs


Soccer Shots

Hilltop offers the following after school athletic program through Soccer Shots. Your child will receive quality athletic instruction in our very own gymnasium once a week after school.

Children ages 3 through Kindergarten are introduced to the basic skills of soccer. This clinic incorporate personal coordination development with team sportsmanship. Sign ups for this program during the first week of school. Cost varies.

Program Benefits:
  • Basic soccer skills
  • Exclusive Soccer Shots games
  • Word of the Day
  • Use of imagination
  • Fun fitness activities and exercises
  • Coordination, balance, and agility development
  • Character-building lessons
  • Weekly and seasonal prizes

Fine Arts Academy

Hilltop offers after school music classes through Portland Christian Center’s Fine Arts Academy. Your child will receive quality music instruction in a safe environment. 


Creative Dance:

Hilltop offers the following after school athletic/dance program through an experienced dance instructor. Children will learn rhythm, coordination, and beginning dance skills.

Class times will be determined at the beginning of the school year.

Children ages 3 through Kindergarten are introduced to basic dance skills and rhythm through fun activities with our very own dance teacher. Sign up for this program during the first week of school. Cost varies.

Program Benefits:

  • Imagination
  • Balance
  • Choreography and Memorization
  • Stage Presence
  • Flexibility and Confidence
  • Character Development

Lunch Bunch

Students are invited to stay an additional hour each day for Lunch Bunch. Lunch Bunch includes 30 mintues for lunch and 30 minutes of play for only $8.00 an hour.  Students must provide their own sack lunch. More information is available here.

After School Kids (A.S.K.)

This is a dynamic and FUN program for Hilltop families who need after school care for their child. Care is provided on an hourly basis. It’s flowing with arts and crafts as well as an energetic time of play. Children will be served a snack and a quiet time is worked into the schedule as needed. Learn more information right here.

Language: Spanish

Children have a remarkable ability to learn new languages during the preschool years.  Because of this, Hilltop Preschool and Kindergarten integrates Spanish into our basic curriculum.  Spanish is included in our Three's, Four's and Pre-K classrooms.