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The HILLTOP Teaching Team


Hilltop Staff : Linda NoahLinda Noah

Portland Christian Center, Pastoral Oversight | Certified Love & Logic Instructor | email

Linda Noah has an extensive background in education, school administration, personal development, business leadership/management, and pastoral care.  She directed HILLTOP Preschool & Kindergarten from 1995-2001. Linda is a part of the Senior Leadership Team at Portland Christian Center and her portfolio includes Adult Education, Communications, Women’s Ministry, Petros Network, Hilltop Preschool & Kindergarten and LeaderSHIFT.



Katie Craft

Preschool Director |

Mrs. Craft is the new director here at Hilltop. She can't wait for school to start and meet each one of you. Mrs. Craft has been married to Loren Craft for 15 years and they have two children. Their daughter is 13 years old and their son is 9 years old. Before coming to Hilltop, Mrs. Craft was the Director of Development at West Hills Christian School. She is so thrilled to be starting this new year with you as we learn, and play and grow together.


Hilltop Staff : Kelly AndertonKelly Anderton

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher, Spanish Classroom Integration |

Miss Kelly has worked at HILLTOP Preschool & Kindergarten since 1995. She has a sincere love for children and is currently our Pre-Kindergarten teacher. Miss Kelly is involved in the children’s ministry at Portland Christian Center. She is married and has two children. Miss Kelly enjoys politics and spending her time being mom.


Hilltop Staff : Laura DicksonLaura Dickson

Preschool Fours Teacher |

Miss Laura has worked at HILLTOP Preschool & Kindergarten since 2003. She loves kids and actively supports Royal Family Kids Camp, a ministry supported through Portland Christian Center. Miss Laura is married and has two children, who have both attended HILLTOP Preschool & Kindergarten at one time. She enjoys spending time with her family, playing softball, and tae-kwon-do.


Hilltop Staff : Deana PriorDeanna Prior

Assistant to the Director |

Miss Deanna has been a part of the HILLTOP team since 1998. After assisting in both preschool and Kindergarten classes, she became our Threes teacher in 2002, and thoroughly enjoyed teaching our three-year-olds for twelve years. In the fall of 2014, she moved to her current position in the school office. Miss Deanna is married and has two sons who attended HILLTOP; now that they are grown, they often help out at HILLTOP events. Miss Deanna is an avid scrap booker and enjoys watching her boys play ball.


Hilltop Staff : Amy SlaterAmy Slater

Certified Love & Logic Instructor |

Miss Amy joined HILLTOP Preschool & Kindergarten in August, 2010.  She facilitates our Friday Kidz Club and Love & Logic classes for families with young children.  She and her family attend Portland Christian Center where her husband, Joel is currently a senior associate Pastor. Together they are involved in various ministries within the church community. Amy and her husband have three children and enjoy spending time as a family.


Hilltop Staff : Meredith TentoMeredith Tento

Kindergarten Teacher |

Mrs. Tento came to HILLTOP Preschool & Kindergarten in the fall of 2007. With over 20 years of experience in the classroom, her expertise and passion for children has been a wonderful contribution to our Kindergarten program. Mrs. Tento holds a Master's Degree in Education as well her elementary teacher certification.  Mrs. Tento is married and has two children. In her spare time she enjoys attending her children’s after school activities and sports programs.


Hilltop Staff : Katie LeachKatie Leach

Preschool Threes Teacher | Professional Dance Instructor | 

Katie joined the Hilltop staff in 2012.  Katie is currently finishing her teacher certification in elementary education.  Katie and her family have been attending Portland Christian Center since 2007 and serve in the Music and Children’s ministries.  Katie’s love of children and education began at an early age and has been teaching preschool, music and dance for over 15 years.  Katie enjoys being the mom of two boys, cooking with her husband and singing in choir.