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Kindergarten Class Overview

Developed for children who are turning five by September 1, our Kindergarten class is bursting with opportunities for children to grow socially, academically and spiritually. We provide phonics practice in many areas, including short and long vowel sounds, consonants, and vowel blends, one and two-vowel words, special sounds and sentence comprehension. Our program is designed to provide many strategies to assist the students to become independent readers at their appropriate reading level.

Our math program provides bright, colorful lessons and varied activities to bring success and enjoyment to each student. Some of the concepts covered; counting, identification and addition of coins, telling time, patterns, addition and subtraction, measurement, odd and even numbers, fractions, identification of geometric solids and greater or less than. Writing skills are developed during our Kindergarten year with handwriting practice to early writing strategies taught through journal writing.

Kindergarten students learn about science through interactive questioning, hands on learning, multisensory methods, student-to-student interaction, discourse and reflective thinking and reading and research. All the students enjoy hands-on learning. God is honored in all aspects of our curriculum, and our Bible curriculum is positive and age-appropriate.

Kindergarten Class Objectives:

  • Social/ Emotional Development
  • Language Development
  • Phonological Awareness: Rhyming, Clapping, Syllables, and Alliteration
  • Letter Sound Recognition
  • Short and Long Vowel Recognition
  • Blending Sounds
  • Special Sounds Recognition
  • Develop Reading Strategies
  • Early Writing Strategies in Journals
  • Small and Large Muscle Development
  • Number Recognition and writing numbers
  • Sequencing, Predicting, Patterning and Graphing
  • Problem Solving
  • Character Development

Inside the Classroom

8:25 Assembly and Pledges
8:40 Opening / Calendar
9:00 Smart Centers / Reading
10:00 Recess
10:20 Bathroom / Snack / Story
10:45 Math Concept (T/W/TH)
10:50 Physical Education (M)
10:50 Computer / Library (F)
11:00 Language Arts (T/W/TH)
11:30 Clean Up
11:45 Lunch / Recess / Restroom
12:30 Bible

Science / Social Studies / Health / Art /  Thematic Studies

 1:50 Show & Tell / Super Bees / Review / Pack Up
 2:00 Dismissal / Car Line

* World Cultural Studies are presented through out the year. 

* Science Fair during our Spring Fling includes extensive Rain Forest Studies and Project.