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Three's Class


Developed for children who are turning three by Sept. 1st, our Three’s Class is rich in oral language and early literacy development, while at the same time providing many opportunities for sensory exploration, self-expression, and purposeful play. We provide a hands-on, exploratory science program which includes age-appropriate experiments. Our art program is a combination of project-oriented crafts, and process-oriented self-expression. Numbers and pre-math concepts are presented using the calendar, math manipulatives for sorting and patterning, and rote counting. God is honored in all aspects of our curriculum, and our Bible curriculum is positive and age-appropriate.

Circle time provides a time when everyone gets together to greet one another, accomplish daily routines, read a story, sing, or any other readiness activity as a whole class. During table time, students are divided into smaller groups to do activities and/or projects with a teacher guiding and helping them. Smaller groups give children more individual attention and also a chance to interact with other children. It also teaches the students listening skills, waiting for a turn, and respecting the work of others. Our recess time is held both indoors and outdoors (weather permitting), and gives the students an opportunity to use their bodies, have more freedom to be loud, and to test their bodies and their environment. Sharing food together during our snack time is a pleasant way for children and teachers to socialize. Students are also learning manners and respect, about health and nutrition, how to make conversation, and how to work together during this time.

Three's Class Objectives:

  • Social/Emotional Development
  • Language Development
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Introduction to name, sound, and formation letters Aa through Zz
  • Small and Large Muscle Development
  • Color and Shape Recognition
  • Number Recognition, Counting, and One-to-One Correspondence 1 to 15
  • Patterns and Graphing
  • Sensory Development
  • Character Development
  • Spiritual Development

Inside the Three's Classroom
8:25 Opening Activities/Productive Play
8:50 Clean Up
8:55 Circle Time - Prayer, Bible, Story, Calendar, Numbers
9:15 Restroom Break and Drinks
9:25 Phonics
9:40 Spanish/Music
10:00 Recess
 10:20 Snack/Library Time
10:45 Story
10:50 Art/Science/Bible/Humanities
11:20 Clean Up
11:25 Closing Circle - Review the Day
11:30 Dismiss

* Spanish is integrated into the weekly curriculum

* An exploration of fun and vibrant music is included in the learning experience