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  • Days: Sundays
  • Time: 9:00 - 10:15
  • Where: Hospitality Center
  • Cost: No Fee
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Young Families

Our Mission:

The mission of the Young Family Ministry is to promote and support the social and spiritual well-being of young families. Activities cater to young families of married couples, both those with and those without children, and serve to renew faith, enrich marriage and family life, and build Christian community through Bible studies, life skill classes/coaching, social gatherings, family outings, and charitable/serving projects.

Join us on Sunday Mornings at 9:00 AM

The Young Families Class focuses on relevant topics for couples newly engaged through 5 years of marriage or couples with children 0 to 5 years of age.

Winter Series: January 29 - April 23

"His Needs; Her Needs: Habits For A LifeTime of Passion"

In this powerful series, we will look at the process of becoming irresistible to each other:

Discover the Love Bank- a way to understand how emotions keep track of the way a husband and wife treat each other in marriage. Cultivate passion by developing habits that maximize Love Bank deposits:

His Needs/Her Needs Teaching Schedule
Date Topic Speaker
January 29

The Love Bank Never Closes

Joel Slater
February 5

Her Need for Affection

Amy Slater
February 12

His Need for Sexual Fulfillment

Joel Slater
February 19

His Need for Sexual Fulfillment, Part 2

Joel Slater

February 26

Her Need for Conversation Amy Slater
March 5

Her Need for Honesty and Openness

Amy Slater
March 12

Her Need for Financial Support

Linda Noah
March 19

His Need for An Attractive Spouse

Joel Slater
March 26

Her Need for Family Commitment

Amy Slater
April 2

His Need for Domestic Support

Jason and Angie Mitchell
April 9

His Need for Admiration

Joel Slater
April 16

Easter Sunday - No Class

April 23

His Need for Recreational Companionship

Joel Slater


Spring/Summer Series: April 30 - August 27

"Love Busters: Overcoming Habits That Destroy Passion"

The author of “His Needs/Her Needs” says, ‘After couples get married, they usually develop habits that can destroy their love for each other. These habits are called ‘love-busters’. As long as love busters are tolerated, love doesn’t have much of a chance.”

In this series, we will unpack 6 of the most common love busters that may have gained a foothold in your marriage. Once we learn how to throw out these habits, your love for each other can be restored and conflicts more easily resolved.

Love Busters Teaching Schedule
Date Topic Speaker
April 30

How Love Busters Wreak A Marriage

Joel and Amy Slater
May 7

What is Marital Abuse, Really?

Joel and Amy Slater
May 14

Love Buster #1: Selfish Demands - Who Wants to Live With A Dictator?

Joel and Amy Slater
May 21

Love Buster #2: Disrespectful Judgments - Who Wants to Live with a Critic?

Joel and Amy Slater

May 28

Angry Outbursts - Who Wants To Live with a Time Bomb? Joel and Amy Slater
June 4

Dishonesty - Who Wants to Live with a Liar?

Joel and Amy Slater
June 11

Annoying habits - Who Wants to Live with a Dripping Faucet?

Joel and Amy Slater
June 18

Independent Behavior - Who Wants to Live with an Inconsiderate Jerk?

Joel and Amy Slater
June 25

Resolving Conflicts Over Friends and Relatives

Joel and Amy Slater
July 2

Resolving Conflicts Over Career Choices

Joel and Amy Slater
July 9

Resolving Conflicts Over Financial Planning

Joel and Amy Slater
July 16

Resolving Conflicts Over Children

Joel and Amy Slater
July 23

Resolving Conflicts Over Sex

Joel and Amy Slater
July 30

Restoring Love after Drugs or Alcohol Addiction

Joel and Amy Slater
August 6

Resolving Conflicts over Infidelity

Joel and Amy Slater
August 13

Building Romantic Love with Care

Joel and Amy Slater
August 20

Building Romantic Love with Time

Joel and Amy Slater
August 27


Joel and Amy Slater 

GRAPHIC : PHOTO : Joel & Amy SlaterInstructor(s) Info

PASTOR JOEL serves as a Senior Associate pastor at Portland Christian Center. He oversee Adult Education, Congregational Life and Volunteers.  An ordained minister, Joel has served in various roles ranging from children to youth to adult ministries for the last 17 years, 11 of those at Portland Christian Center.  AMY SLATER is a certified Love and Logic instruction teaching several of our Love and Logic Parenting Classes. Joel and Amy Slater are raising 4 children, Sydney, Brooklyn, Jackson, and Jasper.