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Petros Network

Church Planting and Redemptive Lift

Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Uganda

Jesus declared, “The Church is the Hope of the World” and we are on mission to plant churches — redemptive communities that make an impact here and around the world.

Today, we sit on a front row seat as witnesses to an incredible move of God with now over 1000 church plants resulting in more than 200,000 new believers! Working with more than 24 denominations we took a step of faith and God has allowed us to be a part of His grand plan to draw all of Africa to Him! We are now planting churches in Ethiopia, Uganda, and South Sudan.

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Our work is vast and communication with you is key. Please take the time to look at the Petros Network website and be sure to “Like” the Petros Network Facebook page. We are trying to keep photographs and information current on those sites so our church website can have the space and bandwith to address our local ministry efforts. If you would like to be included on our monthly newsletter please contact Linda Noah at 

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