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Sunday Services at Portland Christian Center

10:30 AM Celebration Service

(9:00 AM Learning Hour)

Portland Christian Center is a church with a mission. We seek to lead people further — into a life-altering relationship with the living God—and our worship services reflect our commitment. Each Sunday we  Bridge People to Christ as the authority of God's Word is preached without apology, and His Son is exalted with gratitude and adoration.


High Performance Christianity

Kingdom Builders

Join us for our new series from the Book of Joshua, a book about possessing your promised land, as we explore five practices—or spiritual disciplines, or daily habits, or a mindset—that will enable you to take possession of the promises that God has for your Christianity.

  • Part 1—HPC  The Practice of Letting Go: to set sail for new faith horizons in 2017, you will need to untether from the dock of 2016—the good and the bad—and catch the currents of where God wants to take you next.
    Listen to The Practice of Letting Go
  • Part 2—HPC  The Practice of Visioneering: before you can possess God’s promises, you need to picture them; you’ve must develop a clear and compelling vision of what God has for you in the year to come.
    Watch The Practice of Visioneering on Youtube
  • Part 3—HPC  The Practice of Faithing:  it might sound trite, but high-performance Christians often have to faith it until they make it.  “Faithing” is simply acting as if… It is the habit of exhibiting courage in the face of impossibilities.
    Watch The Practice of Faithing on Youtube
  • Part 4—HPC  The Practice of Principle-Centered Living. The greatest danger of possessing your promise will be settle for the good instead of going for the best. High-performance faith requires you to be God-centered and principle driven.
  • Part 5—HPC  The Practice of Leaning: to enjoy an experience of high performing Christianity, you will need to lean into both Gods character and his promises—early and often. Become a habitual leaner and God’s recourses for your success will become a reality in 2017.

 Children's Ministry for boys and girls from birth through fifth grade is provided during all services. Middle School and High School students are invited to join in our services, with group experiences available during the 9:00 AM Learning Hour.

The best way to learn about Portland Christian Center is to visit us on Sundays. [Map] Whether you're a long-time churchgoer, or haven't been to church in years—or ever, you will find a place to BELONG, GROW, SERVE, REACH out to others, and WORSHIP God at Portland Christian Center.