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The Unleashed Debt Reduction Campaign

Note: In case you missed our Commitment Sunday, you can still join with us on this campaign to eliminate our debt and UNLEASH greater ministry to our CHURCH, CITY and WORLD. Simply click the button below to submit your monthly pledge.

Our Vision

Throughout its history, Portland Christian Center has had a tremendous impact throughout the world. However, In 2008 Pastor Ray and Linda began to paint a new and bolder picture of how our church, fully unleashed, could advance God’s Kingdom like never before. Over the last few years we have reorganized staff, realigned resources and released new ministries. We have set our hearts to fulfill our true calling—bridging people to Christ—with greater passion, urgency and effectiveness than ever before!

However, in these leaner economic times, dollars going to debt are hindering our ability to do all we can to advance our calling expeditiously. We have two choices: Pay the bank with interest, or remove our debt and unleash ministry with greater effectiveness. A ripened kingdom harvest awaits us like never before! We believe God is calling us now to unleash and leverage all of our resources so we don’t miss this opportunity to proclaim the gospel to a generation of people within our reach.

Now is our time to unleash the church!

Debt Payoff Schedule

For every dollar we raise to pay off our debts today, a dollar is unleashed in an exponential way into ministry and mission of our church. We have two choices: pay the bank or unleash ministry.

Description Monthly Payments Current Principle Balance Total $ amount if paid to term Increment (Interest)
Mortgage $27,500 $2,125,000 $3,053,000 $928,000
Loan for shuttles $1,400 $41,000 $45,000 $4,000
Corner Property $7,500 $250,000 $270,000 $20,000
TOTAL $36,400 $2,416,000 $3,368,000 $952,000


Our goal is to repurpose dollars currently going to service debt in order to fulfill our calling with greater passion, urgency and effectiveness than ever before:

  1. To live out our faith in such a way our community takes note that we belong to Jesus—and wants our Jesus.
  2. To take new steps towards greater authenticity and intentionality in who we are as a Kingdom community.
  3. To see the power of God unleashed in our city and our world.


  • Save $36,000 a month, or just under a half-million dollars a year, money that could be used for ministry.
  • Save $1 Million in interest over the life of the loan.
  • Model responsible stewardship.
  • Ability to address aging resources and facility.
  • Celebrate any reduction of our debt as a success.

"...let us strip off every weight that slows us down...and run with endurance the race..." Heb 12:1


  • Pray, Pray, Pray for the mission and ministry of Portland Christian Center!
  • Educate yourself about ministry initiatives and how our debt constrains us.
  • Talk with your family about debt—your own and the church’s.
  • Share your enthusiasm with other church members.
  • Join an “Unleashed” subcommittee.
  • Examine your finances to position yourself to pledge over 36 months, give a one-time gift, or as you can over the next 3 years in PCC’s debt elimination campaign.
  • Celebrate with us on Commitment Sunday, May 22nd.
  • Jump in and see what God can do in and through you!


CARING: We will ruthlessly care for God’s concerns, thereby finding God concerns himself with the things we care for.

PRAYING: We will engage every member in private and corporate prayer and worship. We will be a Spirit-formed, Spirit-empowered, and Spirit-led church in order to achieve the unbelievable, impossible dream God has placed in our hearts.

EMBRACING: We will be unapologetically inter-generational, multi-ethnic and grace-giving—where people of every demographic can become what God intended.

EQUIPPING: We will inspire, equip, and resource every member to be the embodiment of Christ in their home, school, work, and social network; and unleash them to release their gifts for the work of ministry within the church.

MENTORING: We will equip people with skills for living— teaching life skills and providing crisis response in various domains of people’s lives.

ENGAGING: We will fully engage in care and involvement with the poor and marginalized in Portland.

PREPARING: We will give attention and resources equipping and commissioning leaders to advance the mission of the church in the next generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have we decided to address our debt now?

The desire to reduce or pay our debt in full resulted from conversations with our leadership and invested members/attendees. Through various forums, we began to envision what we, the church, might look like if we were to function as the full expression of Christ in our world. We then realized that by paying off the existing debt/mortgage on the church, more funds could be unleashed for greater impact—for the glory of God. Our decision: pay the bank OR unleash ministry.

What is a Capital Stewardship Campaign?

It is an effort to raise funds for a specified purpose that encompasses the spiritual aspect of giving whileachieving certain financial goals.

How did we arrive at the goal of raising $3 million dollars?

$3 million includes all of our existing debt plus interest due between the launch of the campaign and final payment at the end of 3 years.

How much is our debt costing us?

For the next 3 years we are liable $36,000 a month; thereafter, $30,000 a month for the next 6+ years until our balance is paid in full. Paying our debt early, we will save approximately $1 million dollars in interest and that, plus $36,000 unleashed every month, will go a long way to fund expanded ministry.

How may I prepare to participate?

Allow God to speak to you through prayer. Here are some Scripture passages that speak about stewardship and giving: 1 Cor. 16:2, Prov. 11:25, Prov. 3:5-9, 2 Cor. 8:7, Acts 20:35, Luke 6:38, and Psalm 116:12.

Will I be pressured to make a pledge?

Absolutely not. Participation in the campaign and how much you give is entirely up to you. We ask you to pray and seek the Holy Spirit’s leading.

When will we hope to accomplish this goal?

We hope for all gifts to be received within 3 years. Your commitment can be paid all at once or periodically over the 3-year pledge period.

When will my pledge be accepted?

Pledges and contributions can be given anytime up through Commitment Sunday May 22 (and beyond if you need more time).

If I can’t give a large amount, does my pledge really matter?

Absolutely! All pledges matter, regardless of amount, because as we all participate according to our ability, God multiplies our giving. We hope that all will participate by prayer, encouragement and if possible, giving.

When are we expected to notify the church of the amount pledged?

Some contributors select to give immediately. However, pledge cards will be turned in on Commitment Sunday (May 22), and pledges will begin to be received shortly thereafter and continue for up to 3 years. You may update your commitment at any time.

What forms of contributions will be accepted?

There are a variety of ways to give: cash, check, credit card or online via our website. Gifts of appreciated property (marketable stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.) or qualified charitable distributions from an IRA are also acceptable.